Each line starts with a letter in my name: D I A N A P A T T E R S O N. Written by a long-time friend who was inspired by the She Pirate’s Gold manuscript. Such an honor…and I’m so thankful.

The She Pirate

Ode To A Pirate Lady

Dive deep and see upon the sandy floor,

Inviting gleams of God’s great golden light;

A vision sought in dreams from long before

Now realized with manifest insight.

As roads meander through time’s journey long,

Press on to learn more lessons that you seek;

Another verse well sung in your life song,

Truths here, and far ahead, in God’s high peak.

The summits that you’ve climbed beneath the waves

Exist again above in future’s gleam;

Revealed in countless clues which God still Saves

So close to you beyond the farthest dream.

Of this I’m sure: More shall be yet revealed—

Now go! To seek, to find, to never yield!

William H. Sage IV