was one of the divers in the search and recovery of the ATOCHA, the 17th-century Spanish Galleon that Mel Fisher, the Greatest Treasure Hunter in the World, found off Key West, FL in 1985. This discovery sent me on a 40-year search around the world to understand the mysteries of life. Here is my story…

SHE PIRATE’S GOLD – a memoir trilogy recounts how it all started with a mysterious vision. It illustrates how I intuited clues for two years as they led me along a path to treasure. In essence, I proved to myself that we do indeed manifest our own reality. While many books will tell you it’s possible, here you will see how it’s done.

When I saw this documentary on the Atocha (link below), I realized that Mel had visions too. He believed in them as I do. How the two of us came together on Anegada in the British Virgin Islands was no accident. Indeed, an invite to hunt for the ATOCHA with him was part and parcel, my destiny.

SHE PIRATE’S GOLD – The Vision, tells a tale of adventure, courage, heartache, and redemption.

As I set out intuiting clues to bring about a vision, I saw how reality is manifested. This inspired me to test my theory which sent me on a lifetime of adventure that spans the globe over 40 years.